Innately curious and passionate about creating and testing new learning models, instructional designer by training, evolved into a learning architect.


NYU MusEdlab Visiting Scholar (July 2015 - Present) Collaborating on curriculum and workshop design and professional development trainings for music teachers. Also working on prototyping and testing a new open hardware board for music educational games.

Web Development Immersive Student (July - November 2015) Applications build: Makehub - Collaborative documentation platform for hardware projects built on top of Github.  Soundfriend - Music sharing platform for an existing international community with 300 active content creators. ProductTracker - Mapping and semantically analysing product reviews.

HacKIDemia Founder (2012-present) Three years ago I co-founded HacKIDemia, a global organization where we design and organize hands-on STEM workshops for children (7-16). The goals is to propose a new learning model focused on personalized hands-on learning. So far we trained 10.000 children and 600 mentors. 

MakerCamp Director(2014, 2015 ) In the summer of 2014 I initiated and ran a maker camp in Berlin with 15 international participants. The goal was to design and build a protyping laboratory from a shipping container and to use it for creating an IoT project. The camp lasted one month and had 10 tracks and 20 mentors. Second edition took place in Shenzhen in 2015 with 30 participants from all over China and final projects were demo-ed at Maker Faire Shenzhen.



Afrimakers Founder(2014-present) Initiated a digital fabrication training in 8 African countries. The project was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and enabled us to provide tools and materials, training and fellowships to all participating teams of students . The project is currently run by local teams.  

Singularity University Education Advisor(2012-2013) In 2012 I was the Education Advisor at Singularity University where I worked with 80 students from 36 countries and currated the education track. One of the teams I coached directly is still running as an ed-tech company providing personalized learning paths:

Google SQE Associate(2010-2011) Helped defend Google’s index against webspamn and collected data used for search algorithm design. Worked with the training team for improving the new comer training by making instructional videos and conceptual maps.

ICT Researcher(2009) Conducted a study for the French Ministry of Education on the use of digital resources in 20 universities and engineering schools. The study was published by UNIT and is now an industry standard guide in the participating French universities.

Tot Trainer(2008) Instructed 40 Peruvian primary school teachers in the use of information and communication technology during a 4 months seminar. I devised and executed the final evaluation which showed that 80% of the teachers were using the new tools in their classrooms and 50% started coaching their colleagues.


Research Associate(2011-2012) INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH CENTER PARIS-DESCARTES Participated as a reasearch associate in a project that applied machine learning algorithms for interdisciplinary online educational programs. The proposal was validated by an international commite of researchers and involved collaborating with an international team of data scientists.

M.A. Instructional Design(2008-2010) TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF LISBON, UNIVERSITY OF POITIERS, UNED Specialized in the field of information, communication technology and instructional design. Studied in 3 European universities during 2 years the master spread out over and worked on several external media engineering group projects such as designing an delivering a proposal for a bilingual platform for deaf children and creating learning objects and story boards for the French National Center of Distance Learning.


B.A. Public Relations(2005-2008) POLITEHNIC UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA Courses included introduction to organizational public relations, advanced public speaking, interpersonal communications. During my studies I ran several national and international events such as “Semaine de la mobilité” (Mobility week). I also created an agreement between my university and the French University of Limoges which allowed me to do a self-directed research project in France.



SIGRAPH 2014 Shenzen, Designing Tools For Crafting Interactive Artifacts Workshop: “Open Source Hardware (OSHW) supporting Interaction between Traditional Crafts and Emergent Science: Wayang Kulit over Microfluidic Interfaces ”

Interaction Design for Children New York Conference 2013 (IDC) - Research Papers accepted Behaviour change workshop: “DIY Charms, Amulets and Totems: Liminal Rites with Arduino and OSHW (Open Source Hardware) supporting Health and

IDC 2013 Digital Fabrication Workshop: “Maker Education Poster-How is learning by playing and by doing enabling children's motivation and interest in science”

M.A.Thesis: ¨Politiques institutionelles de propriété intellectuelle et diffusion des resources éducative numériques¨  (Institutional policies of intellectual property and distribution of educational materials)


Romania national representative for European Commission SME week, selected for top 10 most inspiring Ideas from Europe Competition, 2015

Selected as one of the three Romanians on the list of 100 top innovators, New Europe 100, 2015

Maker of merit, Maker Faire Shenzhen for the MakerCamp project, 2015

Selected on Top 10 Women in Science and Business, Women at the Frontier, 2014

FindingAda selection - featured on Adafruit portraits of Women in Computing and Hardware,  2014



Programming languages


Rails +++++



Python +++


Nodejs +++




Romanian - Native

English - Proficient

French - Proficient

Spanish - Proficient

Portugues - Fluent

Italian - Beginner

German - Beginner



Dancing (Tango, Salsa)

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Photography (some shots here)

Wood working